Empowering Emerging Artists

Our Mission

Our mission is to help students cultivate their emerging artist so they can do what they love throughout university and their career. We foster a generation of artists who are not only technically skilled but also creatively confident, empowered, and capable of making meaningful contributions to the art world.

We are a dedicated community of mentors and accomplished artists who use creativity to shape our world.

We hold the steadfast belief that the arts are equally as valuable and indispensable to the human experience as science and mathematics. Through our collective commitment to Young Guns, we inspire, innovate, and ignite the imaginations of our students, encouraging a passionate and talented community that continues to reach new heights.

Our History

2008: Founding of Young Guns Studio

Fresh out of college, 22 year old Shouh opens the studio in beautiful British Columbia.

2009: The First YEAR

With the core principles of passion, integrity, and honesty, Young Guns Studio continues to prepare students for success in the arts.

2008-2018: 10 years later

Throughout the decade, Young Guns carves its identity as a powerhouse of creativity, helping students artistically express themselves and discover their potential.

2018: Expansion of the Studio

Young Guns expands its space to make the studio more functional for programming and larger classes.


Launching the Young Guns System, ensuring high-level, individualized coaching.


Total acceptance offers reaches 827 with art schools and academic universities like RISD, Art Center, SVA, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon.

NOW: Inception of young guns academy

Young Guns goes beyond in-person education, creating their first online academy.

Meet The Team

Guidance from experts in their respective fields.

Shouh Young
Senior Director + Digital Painting Mentor

Amy (Yun Ru) Bao
Architecture Mentor + Program Coordinator

Christian Geiser
Studio Manager + Painting Mentor

Cindy Li
Public Relations

Howard Chen
Architecture Mentor

James Knight
Art Director + Painting Mentor

Jin He
Architecture Mentor

Kevin Li
Media Arts Mentor

Rachelle Tjahyana
Studio Advisor + Contemporary Arts Mentor

Thomaz Magno
Life Drawing + Character Design Mentor

Anhi Tran
Art Program Advisor + Studio Admin